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Program Requirements

Your patient advocate team will help you complete these requirements.

1) Seminar Attendance
Attending a seminar provides you with additional information about your surgical weight loss options and an opportunity to learn about the benefits and risks of surgery. You can attend an educational seminar online or live with a surgeon presenter. Call the Silver Lake NewStart office at 1-844-80-START for seminar dates, locations and registration, or view our online calendar and then register online by clicking here.

2) Diet and Medical History Forms
You will need to complete a set of diet and medical history forms for you surgeon to review. You can download the forms from our website by clicking here. We can also mail these forms to your home, or they may also be picked up at a Silver Lake NewStart seminar or office.

3) Initial Consultation
After completing an educational seminar and completing your paperwork you will be scheduled for a consultation with the surgeon of your choice. At this appointment you will meet with your surgeon, a patient advocate and have a nutrition consultation.

4) Psychological Evaluation
You will be required to have a routine evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. We can provide resources if you haven’t already chosen one. We can also provide guidelines for the doctor of your choice to ensure we receive the needed information. This evaluation must be completed before your surgeon can review your medical information.

5) Primary Care Physician Letter
You will be required to obtain a letter of medical clearance from your primary-care physician, as well as a recent TSH level (thyroid blood test). This letter should include your health history, any co-morbidities for which you are being treated, any previous attempts at weight loss, and your doctor’s opinion as to your medical stability for bariatric surgery. Your doctor can call the Silver Lake NewStart office if they have any questions regarding this letter.

6) Additional Information
Your surgeon or insurance provider may request other information or documents in order to review your case. We will review all of these additional requirements with you, and will help you in obtaining them, but you will be ultimately responsible to provide these items.

7) Insurance Letter
We will send a letter of medical necessity along with your program requirements to your insurance company; however the approval can take four to eight weeks, so please be patient! Your insurance company will review the information and determine if there is medical necessity for bariatric surgery, and whether this procedure is a covered benefit under your health plan. We will check the status of your review on a weekly basis, but you are welcome to contact your insurance company directly for an update.

8) Insurance Billing
We will obtain insurance pre-certification and benefit coverage for surgery, pre-operative testing and your hospital stay. The office will file claims to your primary and secondary insurance carries as a courtesy. Co-Payments and/or deductibles are expected at the time you sign in at the office for services to be rendered. Any deductibles or co-insurance fees that have not been met must be paid to the hospital prior to surgery. Your Silver Lake NewStart surgeon will bill your insurance company for the surgeon fee and assistant surgeon’s fees. There may be additional charges billed by other providers, including services related to anesthesia, consultations, and/or interpretation of pre-or post operative tests. Your insurance benefits will be reviewed with you prior to surgery. Please, make sure you understand your insurance coverage and financial responsibility prior to surgery.

After Approval

1) Surgical Consultation
Before your surgery, you will need to attend pre-operative testing dietary education and a hospital orientation session. You may also need to complete specialist consultations required by your surgeon or insurance company. You will also have a surgical consultation with your surgeon after your pre-operative testing is reviewed. Your Silver Lake NewStart representative will help you schedule the appointments, and will provide you with a pre-surgical itinerary. Unfortunately, not all of these appointments can be fit into one day, so plan for multiple trips to Silver Lake Hospital or to physicians’ offices.

2) After Surgery Follow-up
The Silver Lake NewStart program includes post-operative follow-up care with the dietician at no extra charge. There may be additional charges to see the surgeon in the office after the first 90 days. Silver Lake NewStart staff would be happy to review these with you prior to your appointment. Follow-up appointments with your surgeon and dietitian are crucial to successful outcomes. You will need to come in one week, one month, three months, six months, one year and annually thereafter. After each appointment, you can schedule your next one, or call in to set it up later.